Velvet Mine
Lisbon Valley, San Juan County, Utah

Atlas Mininerals: March 1978 to August 1994
US. Energy Corporation: August 1994 to October 2008
Uranium One Exploration, Inc.: October 2008
to October 2015
Anfield Resources Holding Corp.: October 2015

Township 31 South, Range 25 East, Section 3, Salt Lake Bench Maridian
Latitude 38°07’10” and Longitude 109°09’23

Anfield Resources Holding Corp.
3346 W. Guadalupe Rd.
Apache Junction, Arizona 85120

Mine Safety and Health Administration
MSHA Mine ID No. 5201527

Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
DOGM Mine ID No. M0370040

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In 2015 Anfield Resources Holding Corp. acquired the Velvet Mine in Lisbon Valley, San Juan County. The mine is on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land and was orginally owned and operated by the Atlas Minerals Corporation. The mine is permitted for reclamation.

Uranium One applied for a Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES) permit from the Utah Division of Water Quality (DWQ) on September 26, 2008. The DWQ noticed an opportunity to comment on the draft UPDES Permit and application on October 22, 2008. The transfer of the Notice of Intent for the Mine was appproved by the Division of Oil, Gas & Mining on October 23, 2015. Anfield also purchase the Shootaring Canyon Mill, near Ticaboo, Garfield County, Utah. The Shootaring Mill has not operated since 1982.


UPDES Permit - UT0025810
Application - September 26, 2008
Technical Report
- March 19, 2007
Fact Sheet Statement of Basis
DWQ Wasteload Analysis - October 8, 2008
Public Notice of UPDES Permit - October 22, 2008
Draft UPDES Permit

Uranium Watch Comments on UPDES Permit




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