Garfield County, Utah

The Tony M Uranium Mine is in the Henry Mountains in Garfield County, Utah, about 15 miles north of the resevoir formed by the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, known as Lake Powell. The Tony M is part of the Henry Mt. Complex. Currently, the mine is on standby status.

Denison Mines (USA) Corporation
1050 17th Street, Suite 950
Denver, Colorado 80265

South Half of Section 16 and North Half of Section 21, Township 35 South, Range 11 East.
Near Ticaboo, Garfield County, Utah

Mine Safety and Health Administration
MSHA Mine ID No. 4202426

Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
DOGM Mine ID No. M0170049

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Denison Mines

Henry Mt. Complex Technical Report
Tony M Mine Plan of Operations (POO) - Phase I - July 3, 2007
Prepared for the Bureau of Land Management
Cover Sheet
Plan of Operations
Plan of Operation Attachments
~ A - Land Ownership
~ B - Baseline Soils Report
~ C - Baseline Vegetation Report
~ D - Geology and Hydrogeology Report
~ E - Utah Division of Water Rights Evaporation Pond Dam Permit
~ F - Utah Division of Water Quality: Ground Water Discharge Permit
~ G - Surface Drainage Plan
~ G1 - Mine Area Map
~ G2 - Evaporation Pond Map
~ G3 - Drainage Profile
~ G4 - Drainage Profile
~ G5 - Drainage Details
~ H - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
~ I - Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan
~ J - Utah Division of Air Quality: Intent to Approve and Application
~ K - Evaporation Pond Sediment and Ore Stockpile Analytical Data
~ L - Reclamation Bond Estimate
~ M - Baseline Wildlife Report
~ N - Weed Management Plan
O - Evaporation Pond Dam and Clay Liner Plans and Specification

Bureau of Land Management

BLM National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Review Documents
Environmental Assessment for Phase 1, July 7, 2007
Analysis Record Checklist
Environmental Assessment Attachments



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Utah Division of
Oil, Gas, and Mining

Minerals Program
Abandoned Mine
Mineral Files

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