2011 - 2012


Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment
Ridge Mill
Comments Due Nov. 7
Public Notice
Additional Information

Utah Division of Radiation Control
White Mesa Mill
Nitrate Plume: Corrective Action Plan

Comments due Aug. 22

Public Notice

Bureau of Land Management
La Sal Mines Complex Draft EA

Comments due Aug, 21

Draft EA

Division of Radiation Control
Lisbon Valley Mill - License Amendment 4
Comments Due January 20, 2012

Newspaper Notice
Draft Amendment 4
Statement of Basis for Amendment 4

Utah Division of Radiation Control
Proposed Rule

Comments Due January 3, 2012

Notice of Proposed Rule and Text of Rule


Utah Division of Radiation Control
White Mesa Mill - License Renewal
Comments Due December 21, 2011

Draft License
Draft Safety Evaluation Report
License Renewal Application

Utah Division of Radiation Control
Shootaring Canyon Mill - License Extension Request
Comments Due November 25, 2011

DRC Public Notice
Extension Request
Draft Revised License
Statement of Basis

Bureau of Land Management
La Sal #2 Mine
Lisbon Valley, Utah
Draft EA

Comments Due November 7, 2011

BLM Information
Draft Environmental Assessment (2.75 MB)
BLM Notice and Mine
Plan of Operations

Bureau of Land Management
EIS Scoping
Sheep Mountain: Heap Leach Uranium Recovery

Comments Due October 6, 2011

Federal Register Notice
Plan of Operations
Additional Information

Department of Energy
Programmatic EIS - Uranium Leasing Program
Scoping Comments Due September 9, 2011

Federal Register Notice

US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry -
Draft Update of Toxicological Profile for Uranium

Comments Due
July 29, 2011
CDC Docket - ID CDC-2011-0005
Federal Register Notice

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
10 CFR Part 2 Rulemaking -
Amendments to Adjudicatory Proceeding Requirements

Federal Register Notice
Comments due May 16, 2011

US Forest Service-Cibola National Forest
Roca Honda Uranium Mine EIS
Scoping Comments
Due January 14, 2011

Federal Register Notice
Scoping Letter
FS Scoping Documents
NM MMD Documents

Bureau of Land Management - US Forest Service
La Sal Mines Complex Plan of Operations Amendment EA
Scoping Comments Due January 31, 2011
La Sal Mines Complex Documents
Notice of POA Availability


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